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 Creative Scratch Cooking (CSC) is a resource for various forms of culinary education and services. The main goal of the site is to showcase the beauty of food and my love for cooking. This site can also help you learn how to cook by providing you with a basic understanding of certain types of cooking. Here we will review topics from basic to intermediate levels of cooking. We want to help you to understand the true science behind cooking by understanding food components & ingredients. With this new foundation of knowledge, you will no longer be restricted to specific recipes. Once you learn the science of cooking, you will finally understand what makes up a recipe and you will be free cooking in no time!

Below is a list of available resources, most of which are under construction:

  • Free Recipe Showcase of some of my very own unique dishes
  • Online Cookbook (Pending Publication)
  • Spice Market (Site under construction)
  • List of top rated culinary books

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 6.21.49 PMPersonal Background: I am a very experienced home cook and a first generation American. I come from a large ethnically diverse family and was raised with old traditions & customs that came with tons of scratch cooking. My parents were hard-working intelligent immigrants that, because of their financial limitations, needed to cook economically while making use of all ingredient components. Every dish was delicious and a means to bond with one another. Because my parents each had very different ethnic backgrounds, we cooked all types of dishes. Having traveled back and forth to both their native homelands, I was able to gain a tremendous amount of culinary knowledge. Many cultural dishes called for tedious methods that we needed to perfect. Such dishes include long hand made pasta (with no pasta maker), all types of baked breads (flatbread, naan, pita, focaccia, etc.), many types of dumplings, scratch cheeses, braised meats, pouched seafood, vegetable & fruit based beverages as well as breaking down whole farm raised animals, etc. Other methods & dishes were creative yet quite simple, keeping the busy home cook in mind which include ‘Smoking’ any dish without a Smoker, making Ice Cream without an Ice Cream maker, exotic types of Sauces, Chutney, Vegetable/Fruit/Meat based Stock, Jams, Pastries,  Roti, Naan, Focaccia, variations of braised Basmati rice, cooking with a wide array of vegetables and whole grains, lots of aromatic spices, and many types of Dumplings(my favorite), etc.

Ever since I was a child I was always helping my mother in the kitchen. Cooking has always been a positive aspect in my life and one that I look forward to. I made my first stuffed scratch dumpling when I was 8 years of age and my food knowledge and love for it continued to grow. Cooking was a great outlet for me to express myself and it has become a way for me to connect with my family and my childhood memories. Food can be delicious, fun and ultimately it can bring freedom. For people of all cultures, food becomes a part of us. Food takes us to moments of our past, present and future. Food connects us to each other while bringing us comfort & sustenance. Even though I took my life in a different direction than the ‘traditional’ ways of my culture, my love for cooking for fun and cooking for loved ones strengthened with years.

Recipes should be used as a guide and we should never allow it to restrict us. With knowledge and trial & error, anyone can make delectable dishes. Think “outside the box”, take risks and set free your creative beast. Through many years (and many more to come) of free cooking & continuous education, I learned the true science of cooking while stumbling upon quite a few creative techniques of my own that I will share with you.

I consider my cooking ‘fusion cooking’ and the flavors that initially inspired me were from my ethnic background. I am a mix of the following:

  • Bukhara/Uzbekistan, Kashmir, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan & India.

And it is with great passion for food and the art of it that I created this site of resourceful information. Whether you consider yourself a Carnivore, Pescetarian, Vegetarian or a Vegan, CSC presents many creative and exotic ideas that will appease your palate. Through an introduction of diverse flavors, I will prove how a healthy diet goes beyond ‘salads’. Finally, we provide a forum of help to those who want to unleash the artist within them. Whether it is through online discussions or even virtual cooking classes, I will be ready to help and together we can bring your ideas to life!

I love all types of foods; combinations of all. Food is flavorful, food is vibrant, food is creativity!  Join me in my quest of exploring the flavorful, creative and artistic side of food! If you have any ethnic or creative ideas that you would like me to cook and post to this site, please share them with me. All countries have a beautiful culture of food and I am always searching for something different to incorporate into my life!

Don’t be shy and send me an email, we will be cooking in no time! Cook with love, creativity and an open mind & flavor will always follow!

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