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Our food preparation culture has changed to such an extent that some of the most basic levels of cooking have become ancient in most households. Our society is changing at a rapid pace and the era of mass produced foods is upon us. The definition of a “home cooked meal” has regressed to an extent that limits not only our mind but our pallet as well. This ever growing change has made it quite difficult for beginners to enter into the world of home-cooking.

Need not worry! Here, we provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge on all the basics to scratch cooking. Some of the topics we cover are:

  • How to’s of Baking (breads, biscuits, cookies, meat, etc.)
  • Understanding basic types of pasta
  • Explore Asian, Middle Eastern, European flour based foods
  • How to make Dumplings of many cultures (meat or vegetable based)
  • How to cook with grains and rice
  • How to cook with Meat
  • How to cook with Herbs (fresh vs dried)
  • How to’s of Egg Cracking, Poaching, Boiling & Frying
  • How to make Broths
  • How to make Gravy
  • How to make a Roux
  • How to  Stir Fry
  • How to roast vegetables
  • How to Saute & Caramelize
  • How to use thickeners
  • How to Pickle anything
  • How to make cheese
  • How to make Ice Cream from scratch
  • How to make Chutney
  • How to make Jams (Fruit based, Pepper based, etc.)

Our primary goal is to teach you the sciences behind ingredients. We will explain to you the WWW’s (Why, When, What temp) of cooking. We will break down sample recipes and provide an in depth component analysis. Once you understand the first steps, you will begin to realize how ingredients react to one another and how each play a role in the final product. Soon enough, you will no longer need to limit yourself to following recipes. Instead you can use what we teach you to cook freely creating some of your very own flavorful dishes.

Whether you are a novice or an intermediate level home-cook, there will be plenty of free information available for you here. Let’s begin to expose your senses to the traditional and simple flavors that food can bring.

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